For thirty two years on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. John Paciuc has been providing patient-focused care to women in all stages of life. His personalized care is practiced with compassion and mindfulness in a calm one-on-one space free of time clocks, telephones, and computer screens.

Dr. Paciuc’s lifelong fascination with neuroscience and human growth has led to his commitment to optimizing women’s health and wellness not just in the body but also in the mind and spirit. He regularly travels to conferences locally as well as internationally to cull up-to-date medical information to share with his patients and to empower them with joint personalized decision making. Being familiar with many languages and cultures, Dr. Paciuc’s office makes for a very welcoming and warm space for his diverse clientele.

Ten years ago, Dr. Paciuc decided to adopt a concierge boutique practice model in order to offer a completely un-rushed optimal experience. Patient’s concerns can be properly addressed, records and results meticulously reviewed, physical examinations performed comfortably and thoroughly, new empowering medical information can be shared in detail with clarity to finally allow for optimal decision-making, personalized care as well as mutual doctor and patient satisfaction.

Patients have multiple channels with which they have direct access to Dr. Paciuc for questions or concerns anytime. And unlike the new emerging concierge models, there are no up-front membership fees. Just fee for service at the time of the visit. If the patient has private insurance or an insurance with out of network benefits, the office will help the patient with forms to submit for reimbursement.

His practice interests include: general gynecology with a focus on optimizing women’s health and wellness, the full range of obstetrical care, infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, abnormal uterine bleeding, contraception, abnormal pap smears, vulvar disorders (including lichen sclerosis, vestibulitis and vulvodynia), sexual disorders (including low libido aka hypoactive sexual desire disorder), menopause health and wellness, and Mona Lisa Touch therapy.

Dr. Paciuc considers caring for his patients an honor and a privilege and he truly loves his work.